Flex-Mount Adjustable Adapters

Save time and money on guide conversions with Flex-Mount adapter plates.

ELSCO’s new Flex-Mount adapter plates are designed to flexibly allow ELSCO roller guides to mount on a wide variety of elevator bolt patterns. There is no need to take accurate measurements, create drawings, or fabricate custom parts or wait for long fabrication lead times. This unique and easy solution minimizes elevator downtime and saves you valuable time and money. ELSCO’s Flex-Mount adapter plates are purpose engineered and tested to meet ASME 17.1-2013 requirements.

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Ensuring precise installation, ELSCO’s new Flex-Mount adapter plates deliver on that promise consistently. Proper positioning of your new installation will ensure the smoothest ride possible; that’s exactly what ELSCO roller glides are known for, worldwide. A seismic version of the Flex-Mount adapter plates is also available with specially designed seismic pins to add additional retaining features.

  • No need for custom plate fabrication

    Get right to work installing your new ELSCO roller guides designed for a wide variety of elevator bolt patterns without having to measure, draft and source custom-fabricated mounting plates.
  • Save time and money

    ELSCO Flex-Mount adapter plates eliminate time-consuming steps from the installation process, saving valuable time and money.
  • Minimize out-of-service time

    Saving time in the installation process means less elevator downtime. Exceed your customers’ expectations and get users where they need to go with ELSCO’s new Flex-Mount adapter plates.
  • Precise Roller Guide positioning every time!

    Proper mounting positioning of your new roller guides have an immediate impact on ride quality and comfort. ELSCO guides are known for superior ride quality and the ability to make old installations feel new again minimizing additional service costs. Using ELSCO’s new Flex-Mount adapter plates ensures that your new roller guides are fitted in the exact location. You can also easily make any future adjustments if ride quality problems arise later due to rail movement or other issues impacting ride quality. With ELCO’s new Flex-Mount Adapters—there’s peace of mind for you, your visitors, tenants and prospective clients.
  • ASME compliant

    ELSCO’s new Flex-Mount adapter plates are fully compliant with ASME 17.1-2013 requirements and include recommended specifications for required mounting hardware and torque specifications to ensure proper clamping force.

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