Online Guide Selection Tool

One of the questions we get most often is: Which ELSCO guides are right for my job? We’re here to help. You can use our Online Guide Selection Tool to quickly and easily get to know what equipment and accessories are... Read More

Application Charts

For years our customers have relied on our easy to use Application Charts to help with guide selection. These charts let you quickly cross reference the key elevator parameters to help find the perfect guide for your application. Download the... Read More

Model A

  A workhorse solution for high-rise or heavy service loading elevators, the Model A roller guide has been the elevator industry’s gold standard for elevator ride quality for over 45 years. Its outstanding performance, rugged durability, and extended application range... Read More

Model B

  The Model B roller guide offers exceptional performance in a compact, easy-to-install package. A broad application range, ease of use, and outstanding value have made the Model B our most popular roller guide. View Details Here Read More

Model C

  The Model C roller guide is unique in its suitability to a wide variety of elevator applications. It is primarily intended as the counterweight partner to the Model A roller guide. Yet it is also appropriate for use on... Read More

Model D

  The Model D roller guide has been engineered to maximize economy while optimizing ride quality. Primarily designed as a counterweight partner to the Model B roller guide, it can also be used successfully on very light load, low-speed elevator... Read More

Model E

  The Model E roller guides provide an economical, ride-quality-oriented solution for light- to moderate-capacity hydraulic elevators. Their light weight and compact design make for easy installation. Although Model E guides are not spring-loaded, they remain adjustable within a 1/8″... Read More

Express 3

  The Express-3 roller guide represents a groundbreaking combination of elevator ride quality, value, and ease-of-use. The culmination of a half-century of ELSCO expertise in improving ride quality, the 10-inch express-3 utilizes a patent-pending, shock absorbing pivot bearing to isolate... Read More

Express 6

  The Express-6 roller guide is the ultimate solution for the most demanding elevator applications. Engineered for use on elevators that “push the envelope,” the rugged design and heavy construction of the Express-6 make it ideal for the very fastest... Read More

Swivel Slide Guides

  ELSCO’s spring-loaded Swivel Sliding Guide Shoes provide ride quality in a cost-effective package in those applications that do not allow for the installation of roller guides. Unsurpassed build quality and durable materials ensure a lifetime of reliable performance, and... Read More

Flex-Mount Adjustable Adaptors

  ELSCO’s new Flex-Mount adapter plates are designed to flexibly allow ELSCO roller guides to mount on a wide variety of elevator bolt patterns. There is no need to take accurate measurements, create drawings, or fabricate custom parts or wait... Read More

Parts and Accessories

  Genuine ELSCO roller wheels are the contractor’s best option for replacement parts for original ELSCO equipment. No other replacement roller offers the same combination of superior materials, precision engineering, and quality control.  Other Accessories and Replacement Parts such as... Read More