Online Guide Selection Tool

One of the questions we get most often is: Which ELSCO guides are right for my job? We’re here to help. You can use our Online Guide Selection Tool to quickly and easily get to know what equipment and accessories are... Read More


When elevator ride quality matters, trust the experts with over 70 years of experience. Read More

Application Charts

For years our customers have relied on our easy to use Application Charts to help with guide selection. These charts let you quickly cross reference the key elevator parameters to help find the perfect guide for your application. Download the... Read More

Model A

The industry’s gold standard for elevator ride quality for over 70 years The 6-Wheel adjustable Model A roller guide delivers an exceptionally wide application range allowing for higher speeds and capacities while delivering ELSCO’s trusted quality and performance. Designed for... Read More

Model B

The industry’s #1 choice of roller guide for elevator modernization The highly adjustable Model B roller guide allows contractors to maximize returns by providing a cost effective way to deal with the hoistway imperfections that affect elevator ride performance. Designed... Read More

Model C

The most versatile counterweight guide in the industry Patented design features on the Model C roller guide ensure counterweights in high speed applications run just as quietly in the hoistway as the car. Slim design allows for use on a... Read More

Model D

The Industry’s #1 choice of counterweight roller guide Engineered to minimize noise and vibration that can adversely impact ride quality. The Model D is the counterweight partner to the Model B roller guide and features adjustable springs and premium neoprene... Read More

Model E

Ride Quality, Simplicity, Economy Fixed roller guides the ELSCO way. Premium neoprene rollers and adjustability on all three wheels, provides easy installation and a smooth, quiet ride. Designed for elevator cars up to 500 fpm or 4,000lbs capacity & for... Read More

Express 3

  The next level in ride quality The Express-3 provides first-class ride quality in very high-speed applications where it’s needed most. Patented vibration-suppressing pivot bushings and 10” (254 mm) neoprene roller wheels isolate the elevator cabin from unsettling noise and... Read More

Express 6

The pinnacle of roller guide performance The ultimate solution for the challenging load applications. Engineered to help mask hoistway imperfections that manifest themselves in high-rise buildings, while optimizing ride quality and passenger comfort. Designed for elevator cars up to 2,000... Read More

Swivel Slide Guides

Slide guides with dynamic design features At ELSCO, we are Ride Quality! When a slide guide is called for, ELSCO’s unique swivel slide guides with spring suspension and adjustable stops for postwise car control, allow car float and provide dampening... Read More

Flex-Mount Adjustable Adaptors

Make the install as smooth as the ride… Flex-Mount™ is an innovative, patented hardware kit designed specifically to allow ELSCO roller guides to mount on a range of pre-existing bolt patterns, without the need to take accurate measurements, create drawings,... Read More