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Use genuine ELSCO parts for best overall ride quality and performance.

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Genuine ELSCO roller wheels are the contractor’s best option for replacement parts for original ELSCO equipment. No other replacement roller offers the same combination of superior materials, precision engineering, and quality control. Other Accessories and Replacement Parts such as adjustable stops, cover plate kits, seismic retainer plates, and more are also available.

  • Neoprene Rubber Roller Wheels

    • Recommended for most passenger applications
    • Optimized to provide premium ride quality, low noise, and damping characteristics essential to ride quality
    • Engineered with high “memory” characteristics that prevent flat spots
  • Red Polyurethane Roller Wheels

    • Recommended for extreme freight applications
    • Very hard tread compound engineered to withstand high static loading conditions
    • Not recommended for passenger elevators due to lower ride quality and noise suppression
  • Green Polyurethane Roller Wheels

    • Recommended in hospital cars and high speed passenger/service elevators
    • Offer a compromise solution where challenging static loading conditions are expected, yet ride quality remains a priority
    • Compounded to a medium hardness able to handle high static loads while retaining some ride quality benefits
  • Cover Plate Kits

    Cover plate kits are available for all spring-loaded ELSCO roller guides. These cover plates protect roller guides from dust and debris, while also shielding elevator personnel from the potential pinch point between the rollers and the rail.

    Made from durable sheet steel, and powder-coated for extra durability and a high-quality appearance, ELSCO cover plate kits come complete with all necessary mounting hardware. In some instances, field modifications may be necessary to retrofit cover plate kits to roller guides that were not originally ordered with them.

  • Seismic retainer plates

    ELSCO seismic retainer plates are available for the full line of ELSCO roller guides, for a variety of different rail sizes.

    Seismic plates must be installed if the guide is used to meet the elevator seismic requirements per ASME A17.1/CSA B44.19, section 8.4 in seismic risk zones 2 or greater. Made from 1/2” (13 mm) steel, they are designed for simple installation in conjunction with ELSCO roller guides.

  • Flex-Mount™ Adjustable Adapter Plates

    Flex-Mount™ is an innovative, patented hardware kit designed specifically to allow ELSCO roller guides to mount on a range of pre-existing bolt patterns, without the need to take accurate measurements, create drawings, and fabricate custom adapter plates.

  • Molybdenum disulfide-filled rail gibs

    All ELSCO swivel sliding guide shoes are equipped with molybdenum disulfide-filled nylon gibs. Self-lubricating molybdenum disulfide-filled nylon gibs provide better wear characteristics, especially in installations where rails are not lubricated.

  • Other spare parts and accessories

    ELSCO also offers a wide variety of other replacement parts, accessories, and modifications. These include guide modifications to accommodate certain jumbo rail sizes, spare replacement parts such as springs and hardware for roller guides in the field.

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