Swivel Slide Guides

Slide Guides with Dynamic Design Features

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Product Description

At ELSCO, we are Ride Quality! When a slide guide is called for, ELSCO’s unique swivel slide guides with spring suspension and adjustable stops for post-wise car control, allow car float and provide dampening that can’t be achieved with traditional fixed slide guide shoes.

Designed for elevator cars and counterweights up to 10,000 lbs capacity in low-rise buildings. Find the full range of applications and rail compatibility here

ELSCO’s slide guides are a 2-piece swivel design with adjustable stops and spring dampening in a post-wise direction, along with premium molybdenum-disulfide-filled nylon gib inserts.

Engineered and tested to meet ASME A17.1/CSA B44 and EN81 standards (meets ASME 17.1 2013 and newer standards when installed with ASME adapter plates) ELSCO’s swivel slide guides are constructed from precision machined, ductile iron castings and are assembled using quality parts to ensure your elevator ride will GO UNNOTICED!

  • Spring-Loaded, Swivel-Mounted Shoes

    • Allow the elevator to float between the rails in a controlled manner, greatly reducing the bumps and vibrations that adversely affect ride quality
    • Swivel mounting allows the guide to follow the subtle contours of the rail, eliminating “slip-stop-slip” shudder and noisy performance
  • Adjustable Stop

    • Controls the overall float of the elevator car between the rails in a post-to-post direction
    • Allows for precise final adjustments to deal with troublesome hoistway issues
  • Self-Lubricating Nylon Gibs

    • Molybdenum-disulfide-filled nylon gibs have a graphite-like solid lubricant impregnated into the gib material that provides durability, and reduces friction on non-lubricated rails
    • Gibs are made to fit 5/8” (16 mm) rails, and can also be ordered to fit 3/4” (19 mm) rails
  • Lubricated Swivel Hub

    • ELSCO’s 2-piece design allows for lubrication between the bracket and the hub, which reduces friction, allows the hub to move smoothly and improves the ride quality
    • Use the grease fitting to add lubricant during scheduled maintenance
  • Robust Components

    • Precisely machined castings ensure the final assembly is of the highest quality
    • Tested to meet applicable codes and standards ensuring the guides provide a lifetime of reliable performance
  • Counterweight Applications

    • ELSCO’s swivel slide guides are also a budget counterweight solution, and can be used at speeds up to 350 fpm, and at capacities up to 10,000 lbs

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