Model A

The industry’s gold standard for elevator ride quality for over 70 years

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Product Description

The 6-wheel adjustable Model A roller guide delivers an exceptionally wide application range allowing for higher speeds and capacities while delivering ELSCO’s trusted quality and performance.

Designed for elevator cars up to 800 fpm or 10,000 lbs capacity in mid- to high-rise buildings, the Model A is a high-speed 6-wheel paired-roller guide with spring suspension, an adjustable stop on the face arm, and six premium 6” diameter neoprene roller wheels. Find the full range of applications and rail compatibility here.

Engineered and tested to meet ASME A17.1/CSA B44 and EN81 standards, ELSCO’s Model A roller guide is constructed from precision machined, ductile iron castings and is assembled using quality parts to ensure your elevator ride will GO UNNOTICED.

  • Tandem-Roller Arms

    • 6-wheels give added stability that can easily handle higher loads associated with service and hospital cars or higher speed passenger cars
    • 6-wheel design steps over misaligned rail joints minimizing in-car vibration at high speeds
    • Compensate for hoistway imperfections that affect elevator ride performance
  • Fully Adjustable Stabilizing Springs

    • Independently adjust the pre-load force of the rollers on the rail to minimize bumps and vibration and ensure optimal ride quality
    • Allow for maximum adjustability to optimize reduction in peak-to-peak lateral forces which improves ride quality
  • Adjustable Stop

    • On the face arm allows control of the overall float of the elevator car between the rails in a post-to-post direction
    • Allows for precise final adjustments to deal with troublesome hoistway issues
  • Neoprene Rubber Roller Wheels

    • Precision manufactured using ELSCO’s proprietary neoprene rubber tread compound
    • 65A durometer tread dampens vibration and reduces noise even in high-speed applications
    • Precisely ground tread profile provides a balanced and concentric roller
    • High-memory tread characteristics prevent flat spotting
    • Excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and UV for extended life
  • Precision Ball Bearings

    • Dual bearing construction provides the roller extra stability, ensuring a true ride, free of noise and vibration
    • Precision bearing press process during assembly at ELSCO ensures perfect fit, alignment and quality
  • Robust Casting and Design Features

    • Precisely machined castings are tested to meet applicable codes and standards ensuring the guides provide a lifetime of reliable performance
  • Innovative Design Features

    • Patented adjustment features are designed for quick and simple installation, reducing installation costs
    • Hub adjustment and adjustable stop assemblies are pre-installed at the factory
  • Counterweight Applications

    • Recommended for use as a counterweight with the Express-6 at speeds up to 1,400 fpm, and capacities from 3,000 – 6,000 lbs, and with the Express-3 at speeds up to 2,000 fpm and capacities from 3,000 – 4,000 lbs

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