ELSCO; Elevator Roller Guides
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    General Product Questions

  • Why do you offer three different wheel compounds? What’s the difference between them?

  • What makes neoprene so special? Why not just go with quiet poly?

  • How do I know which ELSCO roller guide to use for my installation?

  • What are adjustable stops? Do I need them?

  • What are cover guards? Do I need them?

  • Do you have guide rail force interaction ratings for your roller guides?

  • Troubleshooting Questions

  • My roller wheels are wearing out quickly. What’s happening?

  • There is a cut in my roller wheel. Why is this happening?

  • Does ELSCO recommend any routine field maintenance for roller guides?

  • Ordering Online

  • What are ELSCO’s delivery lead times?

  • I bought the wrong roller guides. Can I return the ones I have for credit?

  • Why do you sell your guides in sets of four? Do I have to buy a complete set?