COVID-19 Update

Dear ELSCO customers, associates, and friends,

We hope that you and your families remain healthy and safe, and are maintaining a positive sense of well-being during what has been a very challenging 2020, on so many fronts.

At ELSCO, we are proud that we have safely maintained our operations and served our customers worldwide with no interruptions. We are shipping all of our products as normal, meeting our industry-leading turnaround times. Our June 2020 on-time-delivery to our stated service levels was 100%. You should continue to expect the same great ELSCO products and customer experience you have come to rely on. We have invested in increased inventory levels for both input materials and finished goods in order to further minimize the possibility of shipment delays.

We are keeping our workforce safe in a number of ways. Most of our administrative personnel, including customer service, sales, and engineering, are working from home in order to minimize the number of people in our facilities. We are only accepting outside visitors to our facilities for mission-critical issues. All on-site personnel are required to wear facemasks, and our floor layouts are such that our employees tend to be 10 or more feet apart at all times. We have invested in ionization systems and other upgrades to our HVAC systems to ensure frequent fresh air turnover and state-of-the-art air decontamination. Our cleaning crews have been increased in number, working hours, and sanitation protocols.

Our sales team is frustrated at being “grounded” for the moment and possibly for the foreseeable future, but we continue to believe that this is the best way for us to keep our people safe and fulfill our obligations to the communities we and our people live and work in. Please note, however, that we will not rule out on-site visits with customers for critical issues if alternative solutions prove inadequate.

ELSCO is humbled to be a vital cog in the essential vertical transportation industry, providing accessibility to homes, workplaces, and critical building infrastructure for people around the world. At ELSCO, we do that with a strong, intentionally diverse team consisting of individuals from different backgrounds working together with professionalism, resilience, hunger, and genuine affection for each other to fulfill our company’s meaningful role in the world. We strive to be the kind of company people want to buy from, sell to, and work with.

We hope we are fulfilling that vision for you. With our continued dedication,


Douglas Hamilton, President – and the whole ELSCO team