New Construction

ELSCO guides are a great way to future-proof new installations from future ride quality problems, and reduce the long-term total cost of ownership of an elevator by needing less maintenance and wheel replacement than the competition over time.

When done right, new installations have the advantage of new or recent rails and properly balanced cars – so at the outset, ride quality should not be an issue.  But inevitably, buildings will settle, and time and repairs will change the characteristics of the elevator.  ELSCO guides can ensure good ride quality, and with it the positive reputation of the original equipment, by compensating for these degrading conditions over time.

Furthermore, only ELSCO guides and rollers are torture-tested and renowned for their longevity.  We still get photos of ELSCO guides that have been in the field for 50 years or more, and sometimes wheels that have served without replacement for 25.  That’s why so many consultants specify ELSCO guides for new installation, and why many OEMs specify ELSCO’s guides right into their own equipment specifications.

We all know that new installations are done at razor-thin margins, which are eventually (hopefully) paid back during the initial maintenance term.  Using ELSCO guides in new installations reduces ride quality complaints and wheel replacements, leading to fewer callbacks, less labor, less downtime, and greater overall customer satisfaction during the maintenance years that are crucial to your profitability.

Learn more about the advantages of ELSCO guides by watching our our short “Why ELSCO?” video.

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