ELSCO’s worldwide reputation was built first and foremost on our success in solving problems unique to elevator modernization.  Older elevators pose a number of distinct challenges:

  • Building age and settlement can wreak havoc on rail alignment, degrading the ride performance of the lift.  The root cause fix for rail misalignment – hanging a mechanic in the hoistway for days or weeks on end to try to bang out or grind away at rails – is unreliable and tremendously costly, in terms of both time and expense.
  • Repairs, component replacements over time, and cosmetic upgrades may mean that the entire elevator system is no longer functioning in harmony.  Example: Cosmetic cabin upgrades or the replacement of a door motor might affect car balance.  Car imbalance can degrade ride quality,
  • Original equipment may no longer be available, making like-for-like component replacement impossible.

Experienced modernization contractors love ELSCO guides because only ELSCO guides can make older elevators perform like new without the need for time and labor-consuming solutions.  Simply install ELSCO’s easily-adjustable, industry-standard products, and simplify your life today.

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