ELSCO; Elevator Roller Guides
 Guide Selector Charts

Use these charts to determine which ELSCO guide is appropriate for your particular installation.

Caution: The recommendations provided in these charts are intended to serve only as general guidelines. ELSCO guides can frequently be used outside of the strict classifications listed; these charts present only the most typical roller guide solutions for the conditions specified. Many considerations go into the proper selection of a roller guide. Although speed and capacity are the primary determinants, other variables (e.g. platform dimensions, rail alignment, car balance, loading class, clearance limitations) may also have an impact. Please consult an ELSCO guide specialist if you have any questions.

These recommendations are those that will maximize ride quality, minimize noise, and ensure proper hoistway clearances for smooth elevator operation. Actual performance is always dependent on proper roller guide installation and adjustment. Some engineers use guide force ratings (sometimes referred to as "Max Roller Forces" or"Fx/Fy" or "FF1/FF2" loads) in specifying roller guides and sliding guide shoes. These maximum force ratings are useful in determining whether or not a roller guide will suffer catasrophic failure in a worst-case scenario (e.g. safety application at full speed with an unbalanced load), but in isolation, they are not appropriate substitutes for the specifications listed herein. Please consult an ELSCO guide specialist if you have any questions.

How to use the ELSCO Guide Selector Charts:

Find your elevator type
Determine which chart you need to reference – Passenger, Freight, or Hospital.
Verify your platform dimensions
Be sure that your platform falls entirely within the platform dimensions listed. If not,call ELSCO directly to discuss your application.
Find your speed
Scan along the top of the chart to find the speed range that most accurately describes your elevator.
Instructional Graphic for Guides
Find your capacity
Scan down to find the capacity load that most accurately describes your elevator.
Find your roller guide!
You will find the ELSCO-recommended car and counterweight roller guides listed where your elevator’s speed and capacity intersect.
Model E and Swivel Sliding Guide Shoe Recommendations – The ELSCO guide selector charts list ELSCO recommendations for our ride quality optimizing spring-loaded roller guides. We also offer swivel sliding guide shoes and the economical unsprung Model E Roller Guide. See below.

Passenger Elevator
Hospital Elevator
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Service Elevator
Service Chart - Thumbnail
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