The key component in an Elevator Modernization

Install ELSCO roller guides during an elevator modernization to ensure your tenants experience the best elevator ride quality possible.

Elevator Modernization

These days more and more buildings are being converted to residential or mixed occupancy use. A key part of this conversion is modernizing the elevator and making sure the roller guides are upgraded at the same time to reduce noise, harshness & vibration, and to avoid disgruntled tenants and costly call backs.

Model B and Model D roller guidesSelect the Right Guide for the Application

ELSCO’s Model B and Model D guide pairing is most suited to low- to mid-rise buildings with car capacities up to 4,000 lbs and speeds of up to 500 fpm.

Model A and Model C roller guides


In mid- to high-rise buildings with car capacities up to 7,000 lbs and speeds up to 800 fpm, the Model A and Model C guide pairing is most suitable.

Install Adjustable Guides for Successful Modernizations

With unbalanced cars, misaligned rails and troublesome hoistways, modernizations need guides that can be adjusted to compensate for the problems.
ELSCO roller guides are highly adaptable with fully adjustable stabilizing springs that will minimize bumps and vibration, and adjustable stops that give control over the elevator float.

Neoprene Roller Wheelss

The Neoprene Roller Wheel Advantage

ELSCO roller wheels with neoprene tread are perfect for mixed occupancy buildings. The proprietary neoprene rubber compound and precisely controlled tread profile combine to deliver a wheel that dampens vibration and reduces noise in the hoistway and around the building.


ELSCO is the Ride Quality ExpertsIf you need tailored advice on guide selection, or are dealing with heavily leaning or imbalanced elevators, contact our Ride Quality Experts and talk live!